Gasoline prices set to take another hike Friday

1,655Views 0Comments Posted 25/01/2023


The National Secretariat of Energy reported that the liter of 95 octane gasoline will rise seven cents and will be sold at $1.08. While the liter of 91 octane gasoline will increase by six cents and will be on sale at $1.02.

Low-sulfur diesel will increase by three cents and will cost $1.10 per liter.

When converted to a gallon, the 95-octane will rise by 24 cents, remaining at $4.10; the 91-octane will increase 24 cents and will sell for $3.86. While diesel will increase by 14 cents and will remain at $4.18 a gallon.

The new prices will be in effect until February 10

The Government currently grants a fuel subsidy so that it is sold to the public at $3.25 a gallon of 95, 91, and diesel. But, it will only be valid until February 15.

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