Gasoline prices get third increase

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For the third consecutive period, the price of fuel  at gas  pumps across country will increase on Frida June 5  in  Panama and Colon, according to the National Energy Secretariat.  95 octane  will climb 3 cents a liter and 91 octane gasoline will increase by 2 cents a liter, while low-sulfur diesel will increase by 3 cents.  

Oil prices fell during April, and recovered slightly in May  but still remains below $40 a barrel.

The recovery in the price of crude oil is related to the cuts announced by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)  of almost 10 million barrels a day/

Brent closed on  Wednesday, June 3 at $39.62 .

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As usual, this announcement comes 1 day too late to fill the tank before the increase.

11 months ago
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