Gas price rise for sixth time

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Gasoline prices will increase on Friday, March 26 for the sixth time so far this year. 91 octane will rise two cents to  84 cents a liter and  95 octane will add one cent to 85 cents a  liter. Low sulfur diesel remains at 71 cents a liter. These prices will apply until  April 9.

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Watch how quickly they will rise on the back of “Suez Canal blocked “. Cape diversions.

1 month ago

What??? The cost of gas is linked to inflation? The price of gas goes up and down all the time and has nothing to do with inflation and "central banks" printing money. Good grief.

1 month ago
Oh ya

Get use to it folks this is what happens when central banks around the world print unlimited amounts of money. More money chasing the same amount of products causes inflation and the USA is leading the pack. With ever dollar the Fed prints the dollars in your pockets lose value. Since 1980 the USD has lost 85 % of its value

1 month ago
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