Fuel prices jump on Friday

707Views 3Comments Posted 24/02/2021

A new rise will be reflected from this Friday, February 26, in the country's fuel prices.
says the Ministry of Energy. The 95 octane gasoline will raise its price 5 cents to
80 cents per liter.
Meanwhile, 91 octane gasoline will increase by 5 cents to 79 cents per liter.
Low-sulfur diesel will also increase by 4 cents, to 69 cents a liter.
These prices will apply until 5:59 a.m. on March 12.

Comments 3


OBSERVER Since when has OPEC been socialist ?

5 months ago
Oh ya

True M Hogan and the sad part is the libtards are too stupid to realize that

5 months ago

U.S. elections have consequences in Panama. Socialist policies abroad have a tendency to spread like cancer

5 months ago
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