Freezing of newspaper assets reflects "a failed state"

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The seizing of assets of Corporación La Prensa (Corprensa, publishers of La Prensa, recipient of multi awards for investigative  reporting  is a  "sign of a failed state." said the National Journalism Council (CNP)

“We are all in danger when justice is provided to curtail the fundamental principles and guarantees that it is called to protect. The ordered kidnapping of Corprensa's assets by the Fifteenth Civil Court is a sign of a failed State, by preventing the operation of the newspapers La Prensa and Mi Diario and hindering the payment of wages to 240 employees, ”the CNP said in a statement.

The kidnapping of Corprensa assets “ is part of a judicial process started eight years ago by former President Ernesto Pérez Balladares, which is still in the first instance, which is pending evidence and in which there is no

substantive decision. It is an unprecedented judicial decision that violates several fundamental principles and guarantees enshrined in our Constitution and in international regulations, ”says the CNP.

The National Council of Journalism added that “in addition to being a direct attack on freedom of expression and the right to information that all citizens have, the kidnapping action puts at risk the livelihood of two hundred families amid the catastrophic economic damage that the pandemic has brought ”.

For the CNP " with this we everyone loses: the citizens, the media, companies, justice, the image of the country, and even the former president has lost, who, trying to compensate his reputation, has ended up muddying it ."

Faced with this scenario, the National Council of Journalism stated:

First : We deplore the decision of the Fifteenth Civil Judge, Lina Castro De León, considering it to be a violation of freedom of expression and the right of access to information that all citizens have.

Second : We call on President Laurentino Cortizo to rule on a fact that clearly violates freedom of expression that his government has repeatedly committed to defending.

Third: We will proceed with all possible national and international actions in defense of the right of access to information for citizens and the safeguarding of freedom of expression.

At the end, the CNP indicates that it is the responsibility of the justice administration to ensure "that its decisions do not jeopardize the normal functioning of the media.