Former Panama Papers client jailed in US

The former offices of Mpssack Fpnseca

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Harald Joachim Von der Goltz, 83, a former client of the defunct  Panama law firms Mossack Fonseca at the center of the Panama Papers scandal was sentenced Monday, September 21, to four years in prison for evading more than $ 3 million in taxes.

The case was one of those revealed after the investigation by members of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Before a US federal court on February 18, Von der Goltz pleaded guilty to having participated in conspiracies to evade taxes and launder money.

He also accepted that he did not properly inform the US authorities of his finances and made false statements to the authorities.

According to a Daily News report, Von der Goltz used a complex network of shell companies, bank accounts, and a false base to hide his investments from US authorities with the help Mossack Fonseca.

"No matter how complicated the plan is, the US government will bring to justice those who attempt to evade their tax obligations under the law," Acting Manhattan US Attorney Audrey Strauss told the Daily News

Although Von der Goltz was born in Germany and lived in Guatemala, his status as a resident of the United States required him to pay taxes and meet all the financial requirements of that northern nation.

This is the first case linked to the 2016 ICIJ investigation that results in a conviction in the United States and the name of the defunct law firm Mossack Fonseca appears repeatedly in the more than 60 pages of the indictment, as well as the name of lawyer Ramsés Owens, who worked in that firm.

But Von Der Goltz did not mention them by name during his guilty plea. He limited himself to saying that, with the goal of avoiding taxes in the United States, "I committed these acts alone and with the assistance of my lawyers."

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No "oh ya", definitely not the land of the free. The land of deep abiding hypocrisy. Look at humpty.....he has committed so many tax evasive schemes but became president. So he now openly is getting even richer off of the tax payers. The money he has made off of his golf courses, the money he is stealing daily from lemmings like you who contribute to his reelection campaign, the money still unaccounted for from his inaugeration committee. So in america the system is very selective about who gets to pay for their sins....always has been. But there is always hope that his fat butt will find its last days in federal prison....another first for the orange dotard!!!

Last year
George Klk

Panama | Definition of Taxes... Citizens pay taxes for Panama National Assembly public state fund...<THEFT>. N.A. deputies culprits protected by Panama president insistence on evidence...<COVER UP>. N.A. deputies elite accomplices may plan bail for the U.S. with free Visas and impunity. N.A. deputies may plan further power grabbing main stay in office with more..<FREE HAMS>. N.A. deputies have elected state...COMPTROLLER...aligned with their needs...<ACCOMPLICE>. N.A. legislatures shelved the president's promise of a...<REFORM CONSTITUTION>. Grey list...Black list..Mossack Fonseca...Martinelli sons extradition to the U.S. for money laundry. Money laundry linked to Ricardo Martinelli (PROUD FATHER)! Finally...Panama president Cortizo...UNITY OF POLITICAL PARTIES...<CORRUPTION> President Cortizo...(prove evidence...<[cover up]>. President Cortizo...SHOW ME Martinelli stole $100's million in Panama state funds!!! I don't believe it...take their assets and their home...throw them in cages... fine them $3000...oh, $300...for defamation...or was that Varela and Martinelli... Like someone in the U.S. (female politician) once said... WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!!

Last year
Oh ya

The fun of being a Yankee. Tax you to death no matter were you live. The land of the free... Ya right

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