First Donosco copper shipment China  bound

Missy Enterprise carries first Minera Panama export

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The first 31,200 tons of copper concentrate extracted from the  Donsco mine operated by Minera Panama. the local operation of the multinational  First Quantam, left Panama on Friday, June 15.

The copper concentrate is heading to foundry plants in China, aboard the Panamanian flagged ship Missy Enterprise,. The vessel was anchored in the port of Punta Rincon, Donosco built by the mining company to export the material extracted from the land.

The first export will benefit Panama with $1million  in royalties plus the tolls it pays as it passes through the Panama Canal.

The  $6.3 billion investment in the mine puts  First Quantum among the five largest miners in the world.

Outgoing president  Juan Carlos Varela, made his second visit  this year to the plant He was also at Donoso when, in  February, tests were done on the mills that grind the stone that is extracted from one of the three open pit pits

Varela, in the opening ceremony, highlighted that "we are facing the largest private investment  ever in the country."




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