Félix scotches closure rumors

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The Félix B. Maduro chain of stores has quashed rumors of the closure of its operations and says that it is in a process of gradually reopening all its branches Four are already operating: those in via España, Town Center, Multiplaza, and Westland Mall.

Félix "has no plans to close operations, on the contrary, he is executing a program to strengthen its platforms, scope, value offers and business organization," said  a company statement on Tuesday, October 20.

The store was founded in 1877 by husbands Samuel Maduro and Esther Piza de Maduro. The first store was in Casco Viejo, which has already closed. Before the pandemic, it had six branches, three outlets, and an "exclusive" boutique, There was a location in El Dorado, which was closed before the coronavirus crisis.

In February 2015, the chain was sold to the Wisa Group of Abdul Waked. With the inclusion of Waked on the Clinton List of the US Treasury Department in 2016, Waked sold the business, to FBM Retail Group, headed by the Arrocha family

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