Ex-Public works official jailed 9 years for Odebrech  bribes

Carlos Ho

1,120Views 0Comments Posted 17/09/2019

Carlos Ho the former head of Special Projects of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP),  was sentenced on Monday, September 16. to 108 months in jail for crimes against public administration and money laundering linked to the Odebrecht bribery scandal.  

The sentence followed a plea deal hearing held in the Twelfth Criminal Court, by Judge Óscar Carrasuilla. 

The judge reduced a third of the sentence, as the defendant accepted the charges, leaving him to serve  72 months in prison. Ho was also recognized for the 24 months he spent in preventive detention.

He received funds from the Department of Structured Operations – bribes  - of Odebrecht, because of his position in the MOP, and with which he could have acquired a series of properties that, exceeded his borrowing capacity versus his salary.




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