EFG International Private Banking and Wealth Management

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“We want to consolidate ourselves as one of the best brands in international private banking and wealth management.”  Those are powerful words from the Global CEO of the Swiss banking group called EFG to 100 collaborators during the regional banking conference this past March in Panama. He continued…”A fundamental element in achieving this goal is the bank's Latin American division, which experienced double-digit growth in 2023, becoming one of the most developed regions within the bank. This positive trend is anticipated to continue with the opening of the Panama operation, designed to serve high net worth clients both in Panama and other countries in the region.”

The senior vice-president of EFG said….“Previously, EFG already had a considerable presence in Panama, serving financial institutions and insurance companies.  The start of this project in Panama will expand our capacity to serve Wealth Management clients through our experienced team of advisors. ”

The CEO of EFG in Panama said….“For us, the most important thing is to have a team of professionals who not only stand out for their capacity, but also for their understanding of the market and its needs .”

EFG traces its origins to the 1980 acquisition of Geneva-based Banque de Dépôts by the Latsis family, who are still the majority shareholder. In 1995, the bank adopted the name EFG International, with headquarters in Zurich. Since then, it has established more than 40 locations worldwide and has more than 3 thousand employees. Its recently opened office in Panama has a team of 21 people of different nationalities and is located in the Argos Tower in the Santa María Business Park, Panama City.

EFG = European Financial Group