Cortizo promises firing and jail for kickbacks

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In an impassioned speech at the close of the Agricultural Cabinet Council, held in Chiriquí on Thursday, January "16 President  Laurentino Cortizo, on Thursday,  January 16 made a call to magistrates, judges and the comptroller to "pull up their socks and prosecute any official who asks for kickbacks in exchange for a contract.

"In this government, it is not necessary to pay bribes to obtain a contract or expedite a process," said Cortizo

"You are warned ... don't use my name, you know me, don't provoke me. No PRD member, no vice-minister ... Don't test me," Cortizo added.

The President specifically mentioned two entities Idaan and the Sanitation Authority. "I have an eye on them."

"The one who dares, I will feel it and I will get him to sing. After I throw him away and  take him to the Public Ministry to put him in prison."

"Put me to the test they didn't make me with condensed milk, I'm not here to play the little games," Cortizo said. "They must understand that we are here to work and serve the people, that is why

we are here, not to rob," said Cortizo


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The general feeling here in Panama is that bribery and corruption is a given. If the President does not follow thru, and fire some officials, and charge some officials with corruption that lands them in jail, we will know that this President is just like all the rest. We need more than on sacrificial lamb also. Many need to go to prison. Until this happens, they will not respect the law and serve the people like they were hired to do.

1 month ago

I think the last guy and the one before him said the same thing .how did that work out

1 month ago
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