Corruption prosecutors seek information on ex-airport boss and ex-president  in laundering probe

Duboy and Varela

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The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office,  investigating the  Odebrecht bribery scandal  has requested new information from the Electoral Tribunal (TE)  involving the  former   head of state-owned Tocumen SA

Prosecutor Tania Sterling asked the electoral authorities on September 16 to inform her if the Panameñista Party , as well as former president Juan Carlos Varela registered donations received by the Strategic Management Group Inc., whose legal representative is Carlos Alberto Duboy , former manager of airport  and former Panameñista treasurer

Varela and Duboy are with alleged  money laundering.

According to the Public Ministry, Strategic Management Group Inc., received on October 2, 2008 $50.000 from the Constructora Internacional del Sur, one of the companies that Odebrecht created to distribute bribes.

Almost a month later, on October 30, the same company received another $99,852 dollars with 95 cents from Klienfeld LTD, also used by Odebrecht to make backdoor payments..

Dubey has said that the money was to pay debts from the political campaign of the 2008 primaries, in which Varela was elected as the presidential candidate of the Panameñista Party.

In Duboy's investigation order, it says that the prosecution found in the Public Registry that Strategic Management Group Inc. was registered on October 19, 2006. The law firm Acosta, Fábrega, Vásquez & Asociados also gave witness to this. Supposedly, it was created to give seminars and consultancies to companies.

The file also contains the sworn statement of the attorney Katia Fábrega Vergara, who maintained that, at Duboy's request, she became a resident agent of the company.

Earlier request
Recently, prosecutor Ruth Morcillo sent an official letter to the TE in which she requested an authenticated copy of the documents that contain information, notes, certification or authorization in favor of the Panameñista, to import, with the right to tax exemption, promotional material through from Rekhatex (HK) Limited, Hong Kong, for the 2014 season. In those elections, Varela was the Panameñista's presidential candidate.

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