Corruption probe moves closer to Martinelli fugitive sons

The Martinelli sons after an arrest in Miami

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Maya Cikuler Spiller, a 46-year-old accountant, was arrested in Uruguay on Thursday, Feb. 20  on an Interpol warrant initiated while trying to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was brought before authorities and a judge decreed house arrest while Panama processed her extradition for investigations linked to Odebrecht and the sons of ex-president Martinelli (2009-2014).  The  process  must be done in 60 days

 The role of Cikurel Spiller, who, according to Uruguayan and Argentine media, is the partner of Uruguay’s designated Minister of Education and Culture, is linked to the Odebrecht Switzerland case, which directly involves Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, sons of the former president.

Cikurel Spiller, along with American Barry William Hernan, and Brazilians Hilberto Mascarenhas Alves da Silva and Luiz Eduardo Soares was charged by Swiss prosecutors with bribes, forgery of documents and money laundering

In Panama, she faces charges of money laundering. In June 2019, La Prensa published her name among the nine people pending before the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in the case.


It is linked to the company Arcadex Corp., through which the construction company would have paid bribes to the children of former President Martinelli. Arcadex Corp. was created in Uruguay but is based in Belize.

However, according to sources from the Public Ministry, says La Prensa,  the Uruguayan must also be held accountable by four other companies that allegedly received money from the Odebrecht Box 2 to bribe officials and individuals in exchange for multi-million public works contacts.

Swiss authorities have seized over $22 million from accounts linked to the sons, and Panama seized a helicopter. Both fugitives ere last reported in the US where they await extradition processes with multi-million bonds

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George Klk

Panama | Panama 100's of Pardon Released Prisoners...Further Evidence Against Martinelli. Panama former president Martinelli pardon and release of 100's prisoners is a formerly potential gateway to his Israeli Pegasus advancing underground legitimately disguised professional network of business men and politicians. As I mentioned in my previous comments, this is clear evidence to... Martinelli's political communication's network of underground power influence. Martinelli has been in communications with the Mexican / Guatemala Parlacen underground and Martinelli is now ready for his next sophisticated collaborated phase of his political agenda. Panama court has acquitted Martinelli of spy allegations and the appealing process has left Panama in doubt as to the court performing their legal functions and duties as establish by apparent shady laws of vague underpinnings in favor of the political elite. Israeli Pegasus spy equipment...(God's chosen people-Israel) part of this whole Panama global political underground operation!!!

5 months ago
George Klk

Panama | Martinelli Sons Linked to Father Underground Connection...$$$. -- Martinelli sons could not have gotten their hands on $10's of millions with luxuries. Panama former president Martinelli in the state public office immediately sought to increase power and influence among political leaders and opponents by making use of high tech sophisticated equipment ($14 0million) to break open the stores of knowledge for his own purposes...$$$...and influence! Martinelli began his initial acquisition for stores of cash from Panama / PAN...$14,000,000!!! After Martinelli term as president expired, he fled Panama waiting for any charges to expire... [STATUE OF LIMITATIONS]. Martinelli than proceeded to acquire his battery of lawyers with the (mantra) political persecution. Panama court must allow prosecutors by rules and laws for the investigation to proceed against... Panama former president Martinelli. Panama court must allow all evidence against Martinelli to be duly processed within a court date. Martinelli used his battery of lawyers to complicate the charges with delays and violations of rights. Panama court has acquitted Martinelli of spy allegations...a [KEY]...component of his accumulation of wealth operation through the very...Israeli Pegasus spy equipment...the court denied! Martinelli vast operation was made possible through Pegasus...the LINK...that formally explains his highly effective knowledge base operation. Martinelli base operation was further advanced with his membership with...Guatemala's Parlacen! Martinelli Guatemala Parlacen membership further enhanced his connection with... ALL...Mexican/Guatemala Parlacen underground legitimately disguised business men and politicians. Panama's court acquittal of Martinelli spy case opened the gateway precedent of a vast... globally corrupt underground financial operation touching every sector of global society! China's influence is imminent with the numerous former president... Varela / China non-transparent agreements with the...[KEY]...China Bank control of Panama! Panama sophisticated underground corruptions is a matrix alliance force of foreign... Latin / China / Russian-Cuban alliance that will include Europe in its economic challenges. Panama must recognize their role in this vast global control affecting the lives of... billions of peoples for a total authoritarian government depleted of funds and readiness for... MAJOR ESCALATING WARS RIPE WITH THE SPREAD OF POTENTIALLY HIGH POPULATION KILLING VIRUSES. For the readers out there that have seen all this before and concluded this is all boring... facts themselves are not enough to drive the point of any predictions, it is still some kind of conspiracy theory, I understand whole heartedly. What is important is how this information of facts is presented to illuminate in the... right perspective...[KEY]...components of the facts that opens the door to a global epidemic of a national crises. Obvious example: Mustard gas was used in previous historical wars. Mustard gas is used to kill patients of cancer in the form of Chemotherapy including...children! The United States is very well known for...KILLING...babies for...WOMEN'S RIGHTS! How did this happen? Can anybody...anybody...lay out the facts? Another conspiracy theory? I just did!!!

5 months ago
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