Consumer protectors  seize over 1,000 irregular products in Christmas swoop

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Panama’s Consumer Protection Authority, (Acodeco) carried out a pre-Christmas swoop on retail   outlets in Coclé and  confiscated more than a thousand products in “irregular” condition

Lilibeth Ramos, regional administrator of Acodeco, said that during the visit to different commercial establishments they found a thousand expired products, another 71 without an expiration date, 66 deteriorated products and 51 without right prices.

Among the merchandise found, not suitable for sale, there was everything from candies, rice, ice cream cones, detergent, shampoo, spray paint, to hams and fruit bars  which were found in supermarkets and grocery stores.

"During their  December purchases we ask consumers to compare prices, check, labels and also demand purchase invoices, warranty certificates and carry reusable bags," said Ramos.

The official also said that during the operation "Acodeco Christmas 2019, users of collective transport have denounced the lack of disabled signs, in a restaurant where the sign of retirement discount did not appear and in a bakery the bread was not heavy".


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