Chance to cash-in on seized proceeds of crime

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The proceeds of criminal activities in Panama will go on the auction block in October with beach houses,  apartments, Rolex watches cars and boats, up for bidding.

The Directorate of Seized Assets (DABA) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) is scheduled to hold an auction on October 16.

The portfolio of assets comes from various crimes: against public administration (corruption), money laundering, financial crimes, and related crimes, informed says Rodolfo Ferreira, national director of seized assets of the  Finance Ministry (MEF).

Interested parties must complete the proposal form, present a copy of the identity card or passport, in addition to a manager's check or certificate in favor of the MEF / DABA / Comptroller's Office for 10% of the estimated value of the property to be auctioned, among.

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