Canal and construction workers march on presidency

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Hundreds of workers from the construction industry and the Panama Canal who marched to the presidential palace  on Thursday, March 5  demanding  better  pay and working conditions were received by President Lorentino Cortizo

The march, led by the Single Union of Construction Workers and Similar (Suntracs) was  joined by members of the Non-Professional Union of the Panama Canal show their dissatisfaction with the unemployment that afflicts the country

Both organizations shouted slogans and distributed leaflets to denounce that Panama is one of the "most unequal countries in the world" where unemployment "continues to grow and there is no economic recovery despite (one) greater indebtedness."

The Cortizo Administration, whose five-year term began in July 2019, issued in the last months of last year  $3.billion in global bonds to obtain resources  for pending payments with suppliers and officials and pre-empt debt due in 2020 reports  Efe news agency,

These issues were the main cause of the increase in the level of debt, which already exceeded the desirable limit of 40% of GDP and is outlined towards 45%, economists have told Efe

The marchers  also demonstrated against corruption and impunity and denounced the rising tide of homicides, femicides, and robberies in the country. Canal workers  complained about the lack of security in their work, which according to spokespersons has caused accidents at work that have often been fatal

They also complained against what they claim are the alleged privatization plans and the high salaries of executives of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) .

The workers were received by President Cortizo and by the Minister of Labor and Development, Doris Zapata.

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SO WHAT DOES it solve this demonstration? where suntrac blocks the road ways of others trying to go about their lives, you want safer working places? then that is between your boss and your people, you want more pay? again. between you and your boss,, has nothing to do with government. you want to change the whole country? as you see it. cell phones a problem? no worries, tell them to check their phones in at the office when they come to work, if they don't want to, then no work. this new president can't fix all the problems of this country, why do you look at him like he can? the country is broke and in debt, money has been stolen for years and no one is going to jail over it, much less taking away the homes and farms and companies that they own and got with stolen millions. they buy a house and put it in their mothers name? so you can't touch it? B.S. let her prove where the income came from to buy it, if she can't, take it, and sale it. to many people stealing. that is why the country is going down. schools are a joke, roads are bad ect ect.

Last year
George Klk

Panama | The Canals, the Corrupt and the Poor. Panama has Brazil's Odebrecht controlling jobs and politicians. Leadership is swayed into their good name projects...$$$. Legal system tied to long investigations for elite impunity. Poor citizens are losing jobs to more qualified foreigners. Poor citizens have less and less say in the government. Panama President has not promise an economic resurgence. Panama National Assembly kicking around their...Constitution reform. Yeah...Thanks, President Cortizo. You're doing a...(fine job?). Yeah, yeah that's right...a fine job. That piece of paper with your partner's name on it sure looks good.

Last year

Well if they think its bad now just wait a bit .the world economy is slowing down big time . Things are going to get worse before they get better . People need to also look out for themselves and work at moving up in the world .any goverment is not a babysitter for the people . And Stick there are trade schools here one about 1 hour from my place .how many in the country i do not know . The best thing this country could do is ban cellphones until your 25 .i have seen peiple stocking shelves in grocery stores holding their cellphone in 1 hand and working with the other .they should be paid 1/2 rate or fired .not the most motivated people in the world .the hardest working people in panama are the chinese and native indians

Last year

By this picture, you can't help but notice that these are the people that have always been left behind in Panama. These are the people the people that have not been privileged enough to share in the newly found wealth of Panama. I was just there 2 years ago and a lot of these areas are still unkempt as they were 20 years ago, people still have to walk in the streets because of lack of sidewalks, no intern programs to train future Canal workers, and no trade schools to teach people marketable skills. To top it all off, the country has gone into hock just to keep the light and water on. This demonstration is long overdue.

Last year
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