Businesses seek greater lockdown input

Empty highways ,fewer customers

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Many companies that opened last week with the lifting of quarantine are likely to close for lack of customers following the reimposition of controls say  Panamanian Association of Business Executives (Apede)  which has asked the Executive for more inter-institutional coordination in decision-making on the health crisis in a responsible and coherent manner:"so that, while primarily taking into account p public health, the economy is not stopped

"The recent announcement by the Ministry of Health to reactivate the quarantine reveals the lack of communication and inter-institutional coordination, as well as the serious consequences of a lack of coherence in decision-making," Apede said in a statement. The restriction on mobility by ID number and gender that reigns as of today in Panama and Panama West will impact the companies included in the reactivation of phases one and two.

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Snake Pliskin

Hey jb. just curious. Did you used to sell flatbed trailers in Panama City? You really resemble a guy I met in PC selling trailers.

4 months ago

These Marxists could care less about business input. PRD is the remnants of the old Noriega party and it shows. The business will be told what to do, how to operate and they will learn that they function or will be allowed to function at the discretion of the government, that is the nature of Marxism. Get ready for business owners to soon bet ratting each other out for not following the "rules". this is what happens when you vote for leftists. Panama is following Venezuela down the dark path.

4 months ago
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