Business leaders urge Panama tourism push

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 Panama’s  Chamber of Commerce, (Cciap)  has repeated its call for the government to “activate as soon as possible tourism as a strategic factor" to add to all productive sectors of the country.

The  Chamber  in through its weekly bulletin says " the  innumerable advantages offered by tourism, managed in an intelligent manner, is its ability to take advantage of regional environments to, in turn, empower them; all this, with the common denominator, focused on the quality of  services and the suitable training of the personnel dedicated to this activity ".

The note says that that tourism has  a transversal axis in integral development policies, due to its capacity to generate benefits in local,regional and national activities, through medium and small businesses, including individuals and entire families.

" This great adaptability makes it possible to design and promote tourist proposals focused on interest groups, and has a unique field of action in the country, from jungle and desert areas to high altitude lands, including the extraordinary richness of flora and fauna, in addition to our insular seas and territories ", the Chamber adds.

The business association included in its Country Agenda 2019- 2024 the recommendations to make tourism " one of the spearheads of our economic reactivation, among these, the need to immediately restart the

advertising campaign to turn Panama into a first order destination in the world tourism market. Without achieving this purpose, we will not exist on the map.”

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Grace Lindner

Is the Church of the Golden Altar open for visitors? It was closed for a time and our friends visiting from the US were disappointed at not being able to enter the Church.

2 years ago

while the Chamber seems to have it's finger on why people travel and what they want to see: "interest groups...from jungle and desert areas to high altitude lands, including the extraordinary richness of flora and fauna, in addition to our insular seas and territories", they and the rest of the country are blithely ignoring the reality of what everyone sees here. the pollution is overwhelming, ubiquitous, and carefree. people think absolutely nothing about throwing a plastic bag in the street, a bag of garbage on the side of the road, spraying a field with a chemical that will pollute a local stream, or dumping a town's sewage into the ocean. the agriculture industry, which should be exemplary and thriving, is suffering from drought, flooding, insect plagues, plant diseases, poor soil, and loss of soil. the food is poisoned, monotonous, seasoned from foil packets, laden with processed oils, and devoid of local delicacies. name one local dish that features cashews! the Chamber, the agriculture ministry, individual farmers, and all gov't officials involved in finance or commerce, need to study the works of Allan Savory, John Liu, or Peter Andrews, to find out how to get the food industry back to what the people of the world are looking for. nobody wants to come here to see fields brown with Roundup, depleted populations of song birds, depleted habitat for wildlife, brown ocean water, streams without fish, clearcut forests, or acres of plastics dumped over a hillside. the agriculture of Panama should be expanding, not consolidating. yes China's throwing us a bone and buying some beef, but why are we not growing macadamias, pecans, teas, peanuts? why do we import black pepper? if the richness of Panama were to be developed, the tourists would stand in line to come here, without being asked.

2 years ago
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