Bribery tainted contractors advance Metro airport extension

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The two-kilometer extension of Metro  Line 2  to the Tocumen International Airport is already visible and is being built by  two companies that have admitted to paying bribes to obtain State contracts.

The project connects the South Station (Technological University) with the new Tocumen passenger terminal and, in the middle will have a station at the Specialized Higher Technical Institute (ITSE).

The extension is being built by the Line 2 Ramal consortium, composed the Brazilian Odebrecht (60%) and the Spanish FCC (40%). the companies that built Metro bribery tainted lines 1 and 2.

The new project has advanced  14%. The contractor is installing the bases that will support the piles where the train system will pass, which will be similar to the one used in the two existing  Metro lines.

Odebrecht and FCC got the contract with a  $102 million bid  Although the consortium did not present the most economical offer, won the contract by with more points in the technical approach.

The proposal is divided into $88 million for the cost of the work, and $14 million for the cost of financing.

The branch to Tocumen will allow travelers arriving at the airport to be transported to the city center through one of the trains that will arrive at San Miguelito station, where they will make a transfer to line 1, which extends to Albrook


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An international mafia is running the country. In panama there is no freedom of speech and people are being spied in their Cell phones in order to intimidate people with knowledge

Last year

Panamanian people are sequestred in a small country, where an international mafia is running the coun

Last year

scary everything has to be on a payment plan .cant countries build anything with having to get someone else to carry them . just maybe stop building until you have the money

Last year
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