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The Panama Black Weekend, which from September 14 to 18, closed with sales of approximately 84 million dollars, an estimated increase of 20% compared to the figures for 2021, when sales of $70 million were generated.

Nadkyi Duque, president of the Association of Shopping Centers of Panama (Apacecom), said that there is currently a "77% recovery compared to 2019."

Among the data highlighted by the president of Apacecom, is the sale of appliances, technology, brands, sports equipment, footwear and fashion.

Sales were not only made in shopping centers since the initiative was extended to other businesses.

The administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Iván Eskildsen, said that for that week of discounts an inflow of 2,490 visitors was reported, from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.
“The economic reactivation of the country continues to accelerate, which is what the National Government is betting on," Eskildsen stressed.

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