Ban on travel to the interior remains in force

Road checks reinforced

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The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reiterated on  Thursday, June 4 that people who without a pass cannot travel to the interior of the country by car or public transport from the Albrook Transport Terminal, in Ancón.

Israel Cedeño, director of the metropolitan region of Minsa said that since June 1 we have gone from a quarantine modality to a curfew due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that does not mean that people can travel inland.

"We must continue in our homes and not move to the provinces unless the person has a safe-conduct for humanitarian purposes issued by the Ministry of Health," said Cedeño.

The Ministry Minsa sent a note to the administrators of the Albrook  terminal, which prompted a meeting of transport operators seeking clarification

Since Monday, when stage  2 of economic activities was launched and the absolute quarantine was ended, long  highways leading to the interior have been jammed and  long lines of travelers have been seen in the terminal, looking for a ticket to go to various provinces of the interior




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Come on. The police (especially on the Interamericana ) is pretty useless. Pre-Covid, they stand in shadows and scroll their phones, or they stand in masses along the road (arrajan, chorrera) and keep waving in one direction as if people would not advance by themselves. Useless, unprofessional, uneducated...and did i say, useless? When it comes to breaking the security fence, it is pretty easy. It works with fake documents (as the useless police is also unable to verify the documents), with fake excuses, with the excuse of "delivering goods to somewhere" (just put 1-2 cakes in your car and tell them you have to deliver to Coronado or somewhere), and of course bribes. U-S-E-L-E-S-S! And in the city the police is known as the "disco police" as they only drive around with permanent lights on...nothing more.

4 months ago

IMO, the whole idea of rules to restrict movement only encourages “flouting” as frustrated people forced to quarantine exercise their passive-aggressive tendency. And will find a way to circumvent. I say, remove the fences! Redirect the Police from the fence position to the beaches and enforce noise control and force picking up their own litter. If they don’t social distance or wear masks, give them the choice to be our herd immunity. The businesses at the beach prosper from the crowds, so there is that! The rest of us should understand that beach living in a society that doesn’t respect cleanliness or the rights of others probably did not make a wise decision to locate there. It is what it is!

4 months ago

They started arriving Tuesday. The Gorgona to San Carlos area is packed and a mess with noise and crowds. Very sad that for ten weeks we stayed locked down, and they were allowed to pass through the fences. I understand them wanting to check on the second homes, but when does "no" mean "no" to many?

4 months ago

My buddy en Playa Blanca is happy that the shit rats can't get out of the city to the interior. No noise and trash parties from people renting. Also the police let you use the beach there because they got bigger fish to fry. There is moaning from the thousands of people who work at all the resorts there. No work and no hope of work or paycheck anytime soon.

4 months ago
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