Another water supply shut down on weekend

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Another shut down of water supplies in Panama City and San Miguelito this time due to an incident in one of the pipes close to the processing plant in  Chilibre was announced by the water authority, IDAAN, on Thursday, February 27.

The 24 hours cut off will start at Midnight on Friday The work could be extended for another 24 hours which could affect the restart of schools in Panama Centro scheduled for  Monday, March 2.

On the results of the work carried out since Friday, February 21,  leading to taps being turned off in many areas of Panama  City Julio Lasso, Idaan director of engineering said that they feel satisfied with what has been achieved, however, for future interventions they will be better prepared and with more equipment.

After these works, they will clean and place a new roof in the storage tank; in May they will work in a second tank which once it is completely clean, adjustments will be made.

Lasso said that possibly, by August they contemplate having the works completed.

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Ancon Harpy

Areas which are served by the Miraflores water purification plant rarely suffer failures in supply water. All former Pacific Canal Zone townsites as well as Chorrillo and other older parts of the city are served by this plant which is maintained by the the Panama Canal Authority.

4 months ago
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