2,194  volume Odebrecht file heads to court 

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On Monday, April 12, the Public Ministry announced that it had sent the 2,194 volume prosecutorial investigation into the Odebrecht case to the Judicial Branch hearing It also asks to prosecute a legal person and the dismissal of  29 subjects.

The statement does not specify the names of the accused; Nor is it revealed who the 29 are for whom a dismissal is requested.

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office forwarded the file, to the Third Court for Liquidation of Criminal Cases of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama.

Regarding the three former servers, the Public Ministry indicated in the statement that "in addition to the crime against the economic order, they are being asked to appeal for the crime against the public administration in the form of corruption of public servants."

The statement that in the course of the investigation, 8 effective collaboration agreements and 11 sentencing agreements were concluded with a conviction.

“Within the investigation it was established that Odebrecht's unaccounted-for cash, with its complex structure, used national and foreign banks, transferring illicit money to public servants and family members for an amount greater than one hundred million dollars that directly impacted on the concession and payments for works being carried out by the conglomerate in our country ”, the statement said.

The Public Ministry also reports that some $49.5 million has been recovered in money seized in favor of the State, of which $37.8 million correspond to the advances made by the Odebrecht company in respect of the $220 million for which it was sanctioned by agreement. Likewise, there are about $36.6 million between seized assets and money, corresponding to other defendants.



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George Klk

Panama: Brazil's Odebrecht...Here comes the Judge! Odebrecht... Panama owes me $billions. Panama... Well, we got more work for you. Foreign financial institutions...We have referrals - front men. Front men...Do we have the deal for you! Panama Court Magistrates... Honor the contracts with consideration - deposit. Martinelli connections and the new neighborhood mansions replete with drinks and parties. Panamanian... Free hams and Kool-Aid for the kids. Trouble makers...former [Attorney Generals] - Take the family homes/kids. Martinelli...That's how you make a deal - drinks and... (use your imagination).

1 month ago
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