2 new defendants join ex-presidents in Odebrecht money probe

Ex-presidenta Martinelli and Varela are defendants in money laundering probe

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The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has ordered the investigation of two new people linked to the   Odebrecht bribery investigation

While orders to appear have already been issued, no names were revealed on Friday morning, September 18.

The investigation involving at least $90 million in bribes began in Panama in 2015 but was interrupted the following year when Odebrecht signed an admission agreement with the United States Department of Justice.

Then the process had several delays due to the international judicial assistance requested by the

Prosecutor's Office and due to the legal stalling moves by the accused. The deadline for the prosecution's investigation to conclude is in October.

The Brazilian construction company obtained multi-billion contracts in the governments of Martín Torrijos (2004-2009), Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), and Juan Carlos Varela (2014-2019).

Only Varela and Martinelli are charged in the case.

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George Klk

Panama | President Cortizo Future Alliance. Panama's... [credibility]...is at stake with the... 1. Grey and Black List fiasco! 2. National Assembly...[Rotten organ]...news media published. 3. President Cortizo: No promised...Constitutional Reform. 4. No...General Comptroller...[Transparency]...high cost flawed...ventilators, etc. 5. No...Transparency with Cortizo / Varela $600 million Panama, Colon renovation project. 6. No...Justice against the crimes of...Elite...former presidents and N.A. corrupt deputies. 7. Brazil's Odebrecht continues business activities with Panama as corruption and admissions of corruption is submitted to the United States. 8. Former president Martinelli is indirectly (covered up) linked to his sons underground operation. Sons, formerly agreed extradition between the United States and Guatemala for effective, legal, and thorough prosecution. 9. Martinelli under...[house arrest]...controls the courts legal justice system and news media with threats of lawsuits and has attempted significant seizure of assets from his accusers. 10. Panama president Cortizo continues to protect Martinelli and many other elites... accused for their crimes by stating lack of evidence and pronouncing...UNITY! PANAMA PRESIDENT CORTIZO AND HIS LATIN ALLIANCE. Panama president Cortizo has already attempted to round up Latin community support for... Venezuela's...for illegal president and dictator...Maduro! Mexico supports...illegal president and dictaor...Maduro! Panama former president Varela (wine and dine president) signed numerous... non - transparent agreements with China in recognition for a... China One Principle, including...Panama...an overall strategic...China alliance! Panama glorified contrary to its track record of mass and prolific significant capital corruption! - [Panama's major alliance with China and their high tech... artificial intelligence, surveillance for control of politicians, through major headquarters with the generosities of a former president...Varela for its China restaurants (spy headquarter) will leave Panama in a serious precarious state of control by China / Russia / Cuba / Venezula and major Latin communities with their close proximity and sphere of influence]. China will upgrade former president Martinelli use of his Panama state fund paid / $14 million... Israeli Pegasus spy equipment with their sophisticated equipment and artificial intelligence... a jewel for the former Panama president...Ricardo Martinelli! China continues to collect global citizens data base information for their one global... leadership unity for global economic and political control through...global leverage! China leverage includes a future repetition of a...new Coronavirus...and / or... global agricultural crop destroying plant/s. China now uses infiltrated Chinese warrior movies to plant the seed of fear on a global scale. China stirs the firm belief that the United States is isolating themselves at their own detriment. China awaits the election of a new president...Biden to welcome the U.S. democrats generous... appeasement including giving away jobs, manufacturing and the steel industry. Including U.S. intellectual property and cancelling all legal claims for damages resulting from their Coronavirus released from the China province...Wuhan...(Lab)...possibly man made. Panama is ready to do business with China at the drop of a...Sombrero (Hat). Panama U.S.A. citizens gambled their financial stake in Panama with admission of utter regrets.

Last year
George Klk

Panama |Odebrecht Investigation...An Old Ploy...Planned Negligence. Panama prosecutor's should have presented an extension to [...counter...] an immensely time sensitive case against the ploys of, Martinelli defense lawyers. An extension and barring any forthcoming obvious, frivolous legal defense of the evidence against Martinelli should have been part of the judicial process. The fact that this ploy was not addressed in its basic form warrants a planned negligence on the part of the prosecutor/s in the Brazil Odebrecht...corrupt, multi-billion dollar political / contract cases costing Panamanian tax payers their rightful inheritance for jobs and economic growth. Panama citizens were the ones who through their taxes made it possible to pay for the construction work of the...fourth set of locks and in return... end up with...multi-billion dollar debts and cuts at essential program levels. Panama ended up with a...foul, runaway former president who left his family, country and without notice and respect for the Panama citizens who voted for his presidency. That good faith, was taken by Martinelli to fashion his exploit money ($$$) and new found power for a luxury mansion, luxury Yacht built-in with a getaway plan to leave Florida, U.S.A. and a little...Martinee in the Sun soaked belt of the beaches of Florida. How many times has former president Ricardo Martinelli done this in one form or another among his business associates and even close associates and family members. There is a lot the international world and domestically do not know about this former presidency who attacks everyone who come upon him with the...TRUTH!!! THE THREE ALLIANCE: Martinelli and his grocery business. Varela and his family alcohol beverage business. Cortizo and his cattle ranch business. Martinelli went for the... PAN...to establish his communication spy ring underground operation. A Martinelli base operation extending to...Guatemala Parlacen. Varela joins China for a non-transparent (numerous agreements) deal involving a construction bridge contract and a bonus...$50 million China restaurant... (spy headquarter / artificial intelligence / surveillance installation / control of politicians / etc.). Varela / China...alcoholic wine and dine meeting...Panama / China One Principle...again. Cortizo cattle ranching to proclaim his...UNITY...campaign (rounding up cattle / Panama citizens). Martinelli pact with the judicial courts. Varela...fined...a protester $300 against him (Varela) for corruption. Cortizo sudden non-protest after a brutal crackdown by police. Facts and more facts are numerous and the U.S.A. citizens want...OUT!!! Getting drunk to finally admit their...failure in Panama before it is too late. A new Venezuela...mass exit of the...skin- and- bones.

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