1292 Drug Packages Seized Saturday in Pacific Waters

1,707Views 0Comments Posted 08/06/2024

Busy weekend for the authorities out on the ocean.  Some pretty parcels in autumn colors were confiscated.  The authorities of Panama reported this Saturday the seizure of 1,292 packages of drugs in an operation in its Pacific waters in which three people of Colombian nationality were also apprehended. 

The National Aeronaval Service (Senan) indicated on its social networks that the seizure of the illicit substance, not specified in its type and total weight, occurred when intercepting a speedboat in an area of ​​the Las Perlas archipelago, in the Panamanian Pacific. Typically, drug packages weigh one kilogram each.  During the procedure carried out east of Punta Coco, Las Perlas archipelago, three men of Colombian nationality were captured, said Drug Prosecutor Rogelio González.