Protestors demand answers from the Government

1,102Views 0Comments Posted 09/07/2022


Teachers, parents, and workers marched Friday to demand answers to their claims due to the rise in the cost of fuel, the basic basket, and medicines.

Teachers' leader Eddy Pinto stressed, after a march from the Church of El Carmen to Plaza 5 de Mayo, that yesterday,  they had not had any rapprochement with the Government and that the strike in the educational sector remains.

“This fight is not for educators but for the people who also buy food and gasoline. The strike is until the Government proposes solutions to the rise in fuel, the basic food basket, and medicines," Pinto said.

The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, urged teachers to dialogue and return to the classroom. In the minister's words, they hope, no later than Monday, to have conversations again with educators and other groups in the country, although she did not give more details.

"We are looking for a rapprochement and there are possibilities of returning to dialogue," she said.



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