Amador awash with cruise ships

Post Views: 839   THREE CRUISE ships anchored off the Amador Causeway on Wednesday, January 10, and some 1,500 high-end passengers disembarked,  each projected to spend $250  during their tour of the city. The unusual confluence of three tour ships at the same time, with a fourth vessel arriving in the evening, is seen by the Panama travel industry as a harbinger of brighter things to come. with the construction of a harbor for cruise ships, soon to begin. The boats that arrived on Wednesday morning were the   Amsterdam of  Holland America; Star Breezes of Windstar and the Azamara Quest of Azamara Club Cruises. Oceania Cruises Marina was the evening arrival Augusto Terracina, of Aventuras 2000 said that the arrival of so many cruises in a single day is unlikely to recur. The Amsterdam is on a world tour while the Azamara is fulfilling a 40-day itinerary. A common strand of the four cruises is that they all serve a high-end segment of the pleasure travel industry. The Star Breezes has a capacity for 212 passengers, and the Azamara transports a little over 700. The Amsterdam can carry 1, 380 passengers, and the Marina 1,250, reports La Prensa. During the current season, October 6, … Continue reading Amador awash with cruise ships