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Americans sentenced for bribery in Panama

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Two former directors of the company that had serviced Panama’s presidential jet were sentenced in the US last Friday for bribery in Panama, Mexico and Brazil.

A report by the Department of Justice United States revealed that modified the sentences of defendants because in 2012 Bizjet International Sales and Support Inc agreed they paid "bribes. $10,000 was said to have changed hands in Panama.

The general manager of Panama’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Rafael Barcenas, said his agency has supplied all the information requested by the authorities concerned.
Barcenas's statement comes after La Prensa reported Tuesday. A[ri; 9 that two of the four executives of Bizjett were sentenced to eight months of home detention after pleading guilty to having paid bribes to foreign officials.
Barcenas said that investigation was still in process."This authority is not going to elucidate this names or details of it because as that would compromise the work done by the prosecution."
The official said that the CAA has not been silent in this case: "we are simply not the competent body or prosecutors to disclose information about a case that is being carried in accordance with the rules and laws of this country."