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Metro Bus driver strike cuts service in half

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Many passengers of the Metro Bus service faced waiting times even longer than usual on their return  to work after the Christmas break,  as drivers declared a strike an 50% of buses were out of service.

The drivers are demanding better working conditions and  called for an early meeting with the legal representative of the My Bus company.

Drivers complained that they have no job security and it is  must be made easier for workers to get the promised productivity bonus.

 "It has become a punishment more than a prize" says drivers’ spokesman Pablo St. Martin. He  said  that drivers are working with insecurity and  overtime  payments  not been  made.

The head of the Transit Authority, Ventura Vega, said the company My Bus has its doors open for dialogue and offered to serve as a bridge in the talks.

Minister of the Presidency , Roberto Henriquez, said My Bus is a private company that won the contract for the management of transport in the capital. He said the situation has gotten out of hand for the company.  Meanwhile, across the city there were reports of frustrated people at crowded  bus stops. 

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