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A bank account of ex-president frozen

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The bank account of Shelf Holding Inc., owned by former President, Ernesto Pérez Balladares has been frozen by the The Ninth Criminal Court. The move is part of the ongoing investigation being carried out by the Special Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime against the former president and 11 others accused of money laundering.
The prosecutor José Ayú Prado, requested the action on April 9, before the former leader went on a trip to Peru.
The account lists Pérez Balladares as one of the authorized signatures, along with his private secretary, Eyda Achón Quezada.
Ninth judge Diego Fernández, granted the request on April 15 authorized the account.The amount involved was not disclosed.
Shelf Holding Inc., PTY Adventure Inc., and Lucky Games S.A., are the companies on file in the case against Pérez Balladares. The case was opened in September 2009.