Woman gunned down in hospital lobby

The escaping killers caught on security cameras
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 A WOMAN was shot and killed at noon on Thursday, May 18, in  the lobby of the Punta Pacifica Hospital.

Tatiana Lorenzo Boyd was hit with multiple bullets in front of an ATM on the ground floor of the medical center.

The killers ran from the hospital and escaped on a motor cycle, and reportedly headed for Corridor Sur, where later  police were later conducting searches.

National Police Director Omar Pinzón was at the scene, with Rafael Baloyes, superior prosecutor of the Metropolitan Homicide and Feminicide Section, who will be in charge of the investigation.

Luis Cucalon

The victim’s death has revealed a number of skeletons in the closet.

Lorenzo Boyd was  a lawyer according to her family and legally represented the former Director of Revenue, Luis Cucalón, but confirmation of her registration  has not been obtained by media sources.

Luis Cucalón, is former minister of Revenue in the government of Ricardo Martinelli and has been in the hospital for 20 months, while awaiting trial on corruption charges.

The shooting took place on the day an outcry began over revelations that Cucalon’s hospital bills were being paid by the government.

Boyd is reported to have had a  sentimental relationship with Amael Acosta, a man who was tried  and acquitted in  a  trial related to   Vanessa Márquez  who fell to her death in 2005 from the 17th floor of  the Hotel Plaza Paitilla during a party. Her body was found in the parking lot the next morning.

Documentation in  the 7th Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office Anticorrupción states that Tatiana Lorenzo Boyd was indicted for fraud with another two  people in 2015.

Punta Pacifica Hospital rushed to issue statements that it was a safe place, and President Juan Carlos Varela gave assurances that all available resources would be used to capture the killers.

Earlier in the year, an Irish citizen was shot by men on a motor cycle at a traffic intersection next  to the hospital.

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