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Varela stalls action on Canal crime suspects

Varela: No time to address ACP directors issue.

President  Juan Carlos Varela has still not found time to review the future of two board members of the Panama Canal under criminal investigation but plans to squeeze in a meeting with  Pope Francis in New York.

Nicolás Corcione and  Henri Mizrachi are under investigation for  alleged money laundering.

Arriving at a conference  on water issues in Panama  he dodged questions from media: “I can only speak about water” he said  and promised a statement “when I get back from travel.”

Varela is traveling to the United States for the UN General Assembly.

He said he will take the opportunity to see Pope Francis, who is also visiting the US. The 2019  World Youth Day in Panama a likely discussion point and is high on Varela’s agenda. Varela is a member of Opus Dei.

Meanwhile, he wants to talk with other ACP directors  “I want a debate because we have to take the decision together” said Varela.

A 1997 law gives the president the authority  to fire directors engaged in criminal activity or who do not show up for board meetings for an extended period,

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