US Scientists give GMO’s thumbs up

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AFTER TWO DECADES of research, a report by 20 top US scientists has concluded that GM crops, some of which have been introduced to Panama are safe for health and the environment.

Research on the impact of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which has been made by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States demolishes myths promoted by environmental organizations by concluding that these crops are no different from others and that there is not a one test that has shown a negative impact on the health of people. reports CentralAmericaData
The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the principal advisor to the US in scientific matters has also not found “conclusive [evidence] that these types of agricultural variants cause environmental problems. It does recognize that transgenic resistance to certain herbicides is causing ‘a major agricultural problem’, as other plants and insects are developing immunity to the herbicides used in the GMOs fields.

“…. The available evidence indicates that soybeans, cotton and genetically modified maize have produced economically favorable results for producers who have adopted these crops, but the results have varied depending on the abundance of pests, farming practices and agricultural infrastructure. ”

“…There is some evidence that transgenic crops resistant to insects have benefits for human health by reducing insecticide poisonings. In addition, several GM crops are being developed which are designed to benefit human health, such as rice with a higher content of beta-carotene to help prevent blindness and death caused by vitamin A deficiency in some developing countries.”

“… The distinction between conventional breeding and genetic engineering is becoming less evident. ” 


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