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Ramón Martinelli facing drug charges

Roman Martinelli Corro

A  former CD deputy and cousin of ex-president  Ricardo Martinelli was arrested on Tuesday, February 6, in the San Francisco district of Panama City.

The Drug Prosecutor’s Office has requested a hearing of charges against Ramón Martinelli Corro who was with another man and a Mexican woman and carrying $25,000 when he was arrested while circulating on Via Cinquantenario.

The prosecution is also asking for also requests precautionary measures and the legalization of the arrest.

Martinelli Corro had previously been detained in Mexico for three years from 2009 to 2013 in a case of alleged money laundering. He was acquitted.

The ex-Parlacen deputy was accused of allegedly belonging to a network that was dedicated to laundering money from a cartel of drug traffickers of the Beltrán Leyva brothers, through triangulated operations between Mexico, Panama and Colombia.

After gaining his freedomMartinelli Corro denied that he was a narco mule and threatened to sue the people who accused him, reports La Prensa.

“I am not a mule of the drug trade and that was proven in the trial that was done to me. Now,  they will have to answer for their actions, “said Martinelli Corro in March 2013.

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