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PRD  demands Varela bribery investigation

Pedro Miguel Gonzalez


The general secretary of the PRD, Panama’s largest  political party, Pedro Miguel González, accompanied by party members  at a Wednesday,  December 6 press conference  said  that “not even the President of the Nation is above the law”

“I reiterate that there are enough elements to open an investigation against Varela, since “the Panamanian people know that the President not only received a donation of $200,000 .”

He added that President Varela intends to strengthen his control over the entire judicial system with
the new judicial appointments, and guarantee a majority in the Court and “maintain control over
the actions of the Public Ministry, as it has been doing “.

According to González, the country has regressed on the issue of justice when it ignores
agreements of the State Pact for Justice and consensus on the scrutiny processes

Varela has been under fire since a former ambassador confessed to funneling large amounts of Odebrecht money to the Panamenista election campaign.

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