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When Panama families prey together

Corruption during the Ricardo Martinelli administration has given a new twist to the adage “The family that prays together stays together” says a TVN News report, sparked by recent revelations of money salted away in Andorra.

According to investigations by anti-corruption prosecutors, senior figures in the previous administration have been involved in multi-billion corruption scandals which have changed the adage to “preying” together.

The best-known case says TVN  is that of the sons of the ex- president,  Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares, both investigated for the alleged collection of multi-millions in  bribes during their father.’s rule.

One of the key revelations came from André Rabello, Odebrecht’s former chief executive in Panama, who confessed in Brazil, to the payment of over $50 million dollars to the two sons of the ex-leader.

Rabello’s statements were validated before Twelfth Judge, Óscar Carrasquilla.

Guardia Jaen

In another case  says TVN, the offspring of  Rafael Guardia Jaen the former director of the National Aid Program (PAN),  Jonathan Guardia, Rafael Guardia Juarez and Lorraine Guardia are under investigation for alleged money laundering.

The two sons of Guardia Jaén are linked to the alleged movement of $20 million dollars in commissions for purchase contracts given through the PAN.

The De Obarrio wedding extravaganza

Another case from the  Martinelli administration is that of Adolfo “Chichi” De Obarrio, former private secretary of the president, and his mother who has been left holding the can.
Obarrio, described during investigations as the Martinelli “messenger boy”  and who gained additional notoriety after a wedding said to have cost up to $750,000,  has fled the country.

According to the Public Ministry, “Chichi” allegedly used his mother Silvana Manzini De Obarrio for illicit activities. She is under investigation for unjustified enrichment and after several months in preventive detention was granted bail for half a million dollars.

Guillermo Ferrufino

Guillermo Ferrufino Minister of Social Development in the Martinelli era and his wife Milena Vallarino De Ferrufino are facing charges of unjustified enrichment.

The most recent case is that of former Minister of the Presidency, Jimmy Papadimitriu. after the publication of an intelligence report revealing that the parents of the former right hand of  Ricardo Martinelli moved $16 million into 45 accounts in Andorra.

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  • there has been a noted lack of comments responding to the recent string of articles about the vein of corruption in Panama's political elite. i, for one, simply don't know what to say. it's mind boggling and incomprehensible. how can there have been so much, so wrong, involving so many people, yet managing to go undetected for so long? it seems there had to be a lot of people who looked but didn't see, suspected but didn't know, and knew but didn't say. the very worst part, is that i believe it's the same all over the world.