Panama confusion over fate of Colombian ex-spy boss

A BUREAUCRATIC FOG surrounds the future of María del Pilar Hurtado, former Colombian spy chief, subject of an Interpol red alert but still an asylum seeker in Panama.

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Officials from the Attorney General of Colombia are in Panama checking on the legal status in this country of the former director of Colombia's intelligence, who currently maintains her asylum status  according to Panama’s Attorney General, Ana Belfon .

Belfon met Colombian Attorney, Francisco Echeverry, who evaded the press upon his arrival at Public Ministry (MP), with Colombia’s ambassador in Panama, Angela Maria Benedetti.
Colombian Justice wants Hurtado for her alleged involvement in illegal wiretapping and monitoring journalists, judges, lawmakers and human rights advocates that occurred when she ran the defunct security police of Colombia (DAS) reports Reuters.
On Thursday last week, Panama’s Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the decree by which the Panamanian government granted asylum to Hurtado in 2010.
However, Belfon said the Colombian delegates that the decision of the Supreme Court is not "firmly enforceable” as the Court has not notified the Executive or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor the Panamanian MP.
La Prensa reported that the paperwork is still awaiting the signature of judges.
Only after this has occurred is will a process be formalized for Hurtado 's extradition Foreign Ministry , but until now, says Belfon, there is no type of application not to the MP or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Until then the former head of the DAS retains her asylum status she says
Belfon said Colombian officials had informed her of a request to Interpol for the arrest of Hurtado, but "really in Panama there is no red alert."
The Director of Legal issues of the Panama Foreign Ministry Vladimir Franco, told the Efe news agency that he met with Echeverry, but offered no details.
Another judicial source told Efe that the Colombian delegates met with President of the Supreme Court of Panama, Jose Ayu Prado.
Eight of the nine judges of the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the decree by which the Government of outgoing Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, granted territorial asylum to Hurtado.
The constitutional claim presented in 2011 was based on Hurtado is not suffering political persecution , but is wanted by Colombian Justice to be processed for a criminal offense related to illegal wiretapping , one of the lawyers who sued told Efe.

Between 2007 and 2009, Hurtado headed the DAS which organized a web of espionage during the presidency of Álvaro Uribe (2002-2010), for which c a score of its officials have been prosecuted, including Hurtado.
Hurtado is accountable to the Justice of her country for various crimes, including aggravated conspiracy and unlawful violation of communications.

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