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OPINION: Taxpayers hit by Americas Bridge snafu

Back to torment?

THE BRIDGE  of the Americas is an emblematic work of our country. In its 55-year history, this work of engineering of the first order had a constant and dedicated care, that preserved it. When, for bureaucratic reasons , the bridge maintenance brigade was eliminated, this responsibility fell on a series of contractors who, over the years, made repairs that after corrected the problems.  This record has just been broken. About three months ago the works that for several years tormented the interurban traffic of the metropolitan area were delivered. It is inexcusable that already the asphalt surface  of the bridge must be repaired. Be certain that nothing will happen because the current attitude is still to treat Panamanian taxpayers with contempt. What happened with the inspectors of the work ?, what will happen when the guarantee of such an expensive job expires? The answers are obvious. We Panamanians will pay for the incompetence of the authorities. Only accountability will teach them to respect us… La Prensa Oct. 6

David Young :