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OPINION: Panama Democracy thwarted

Varela addresses Assembly

IN A DEMOCRACY, the separation of powers and the exercise of checks and balances between public bodies benefit the citizenry because the great interests of the country are promoted.

The ritual and protocol exercise of yesterday[Tuesday Jan.2] in the National Assembly reflected everything to the contrary. On the one hand, the majority of the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice decided to be absent; At the same time, the two main legislative blocs threatened and urged the creation of a common front against the executive power, whose major representative, is the President of the Republic, who spoke of blackmail and narco-politics, and whose party has not yet explained to the public the role it has played in the Odebrecht scandal,

The political class showed its true colors and true loyalties, none of which are with the true interests of the nation. Nobody spoke of repentance or punishing the guilty they only knew how to point the other way to divert attention from their own vices. … LA PRENSA, hoyporhoy Jan. 3

David Young :