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OPINION:  Anti-Corruption projects on ice

masters of delay in the National Assembly

TheNational Assembly is keeping on ice at least six bills that would help  to prevent and combat corruption. Some of these initiatives have sat in subcommittees for more than two years including those promoted by some deputies and civil society. Imagine the situation of justice if the bill had been approved establishing a reward for those who reported acts of corruption. What would be the state of the prosecution of crimes if the codes had principles of imprescriptibly of these crimes, or removal of control of the property of those characters who appropriated state funds? It is very clear that the National Assembly has another legislative agenda that has nothing to do with the objective needs of the citizenship and the rule of law. The current MPs – with few exceptions – are more focused on seeking their re-election and the benefit for the political parties from which they come, than in favor of transparency and accountability. If they are not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem of the corruption… La Prensa, October 2


David Young :