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No Carnival Joy Riding  for State Vehicles 

Drivers found using State vehicles during festivities will face a $100 fine and if it is a repeat offence they will be fired says a notice from the Comptroller’s office.

The  notice said that all State cars that circulate during Carnival festivities

must have their current license plate and a copy of the insurance policy and a safe conduct that justifies “with clarity ” the mission you are going to perform in all cases that you use the vehicle outside of working hours.

In cases where defaults are found, the offender will be sanctioned with a fine of $100. If it is a case of recidivism, the driver will be dismissed

The measures must be followed  by the  three organs of the State, decentralized entities, universities, public offices  and other government components, adds the Comptroller

Public entities are advised to approve only “missions that respond to social interest, health or safety, and are related to the work carried out by each institution “

David Young :

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