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 MEDIA WATCH:  Jail Criminal Structure, Includes Guards

Crime thrives at Panama's notorious La Joya prison

OPINION: Undoubtedly, the prison system is one of our failures as a society and the biggest problem is that successive governments perpetuate the evil. This is a clear example that business is above justice and the common good.

There are more than 15,000 detainees who are fed with our taxes, without reason of being detaine . And as if that were not enough, each government announces the construction of new prisons, ‘modern and with more security’, as if this were a great action. The truth is that among the  detainees that cost us an arm and a leg, there are more than 3,000  foreigners who can well be deported and relieve overcrowding and the heavy burden of their maintenance..

If we add that the detainees, instead of instead of being rehabilitated  what happens is the opposite. Within our prisons there is a whole corrupt system that goes from the stores of custodians that generate huge profits, to new centers of command and action of the crime bosses. They have a whole network at their service, from custodians to other criminals, and from there they operate at their ease, with telephone lines and weapons. They give orders and act as if they were in total freedom. It is a corrupt system that shames us and that should be eliminated immediately. We have to refine this treatment scheme for the detainees, because what there is represents the living example of a failure of our society … LA ESTRELLA , Jan 3

David Young :

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  • Prison systems of the world are one of mankind's collective failures. All the effects of prison are negative, they do not serve as a deterrent to crime, they solve none of the problems that cause crime, and in fact, exacerbate them. Because we are perverse creatures who learn slowly, rather than think of new answers, we just keep trying to make our one response more effective, and that has also failed. Thousands of years of doing the same thing over and over, while getting the same results.

    As we ponder the stupidity of it all, i want to address one of the 3000 foreigners costing the people an arm and a leg. Laura Michelle Reese was detained for 7 years without evidence against her, while evidence was sought. It was not found, but the embarrassing amount of time spent looking, without justification, finally forced her case to court. Still without evidence, but with political pressure, the court found her guilty to justify having held her for 7 years. The judgement was as an accessory to a crime, and based on the opinion that she "had to have known" what the criminal was doing. Topping it all off, is the sentence of 26 years, which is far past the legal limits for any accessory charge. Everything about this case is a waste of money, time, space, and the life of Reese. Justice was not bought with this money, only some face saving, chest thumping, and appropriated titles to the property Reese had owned. Assuredly, the value of that property did not go back to the people. You can bet this is one case that will not be deported because that would mean a real justice system would look at it, free Reese, and judge Panama. If you don't like your money being wasted, demand a system that is effective and honest.