Foot Dragging Over Fugitive Canal Directors

Corcione and MIzrachi
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Two months after promising to evaluate the situation President Juan Carlos Varela has taken no action over the future of two directors  of the Panama Canal (ACP)  who are under criminal investigation

Nicolás Corcione and Henri Mizrachi in addition to not fulfilling their functions as members of the  board of directors, as they have not attended meetings  are being investigated by the Prosecutors against Organized Crime for possible money laundering, in the “New Business” case in the purchase of the Panama America publishing group, reports La Prensa.

Varela promised to obtain a report to know what actions can be taken.

An  ACP  Law, says that it is the responsibility of the President with the agreement of the  Cabinet Council and the National Assembly, to suspend or remove from office those involved in a fraudulent crime or against the public administration.

Corcione and Mizrachi, appointed by ex-president  Ricardo Martinelli have not attended meetings for at least eight months.

The Organized Crime prosecutor’s office has asked Interpol for their  arrest, as part of the investigation into  of money laundering in the New Business case

related to the alleged use of public funds to buy The Panama America publishing group.

According to ACP reports, the last time Mizrachi attended board meetings was

on June 19, 2017, while Corcione appeared on August 10 of that same year.

On December 5, President Varela said that the future of Corcione and Mizrachi would be evaluated. In order to “protect the image and legal structures of the ACP, He said he would request a report from the Presidency legal team.

The National Transparency Authority  (Antai) has requested a report of the attendance of Corcione and Mizrachi, It was sent by  Antai director  Angelica Maytin, to ACP president Roberto Roy, and asked for their attendance records since 2015.

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