Ex Odebrecht exec repeats Varela accusations

Rodrigo Tacla
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A PRESS released alleged to have come from former Brazilian company Odebrecht  financial officer and bribes distributor  Rodrigo Tacla Durán has repeated accusations  against President  Juan Carlos Varela.

It arrived in Panama media offices on Tuesday, August 8 and has been widely published.

Through a statement, supposedly sent by him, the lawyer says that everything published by El País de España, is true and even Odebrecht, never denied them.

“After my interview in El País, I verified that my words were put in doubt and with possible political interest, by President Juan Carlos Varela, by the Attorney General of Panama, among others and by Odebrecht itself … although on no occasion, has Odebrecht denied my statements, “Tacla wrote in a document circulating on social networks.

The former Odebrecht executive added that evidence of what he said in the interview with El País will be published and revealed the existence of an account in which Odebrecht allegedly deposited money in favor of Michelle Lasso, linked to Varela and the company Don James.

“The report of the Brazilian Federal Police contains documents from an account number 224024 on behalf of the offshore company Poseidon Enterprises LLC, whose final beneficiary is Michelle Lasso, in the Odebrecht (Meinl Bank – Antigua)  bribes bank.”

In his statements to El País, Tacla said that Odebrecht bribed   Varela , but that money was sent to Lasso through accounts in a tax haven in the Caribbean.

He also said that two businesses supplying Varela Hermanos received more than one million euros as part of Odebrecht’s bribes.

Varela has denied the accusations.

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