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Chaotic” debate over new judges

Dionicio Rodríguez

If Ana Lucrecia Tovar de Zarak and Zuleyka Moore are ratified as Supreme Court judges, their lack of independence would govern the administration of justice .taken in the next 10 years says the president of the National Bar Association (CNA)

Dionicio Rodríguez and over 45 organizations and individuals were at the National Assembly on Wednesday, Dec,27, to express their views.

Rodriguez said that those who occupy positions in the Supreme Court of  (CSJ) must have independence, objectivity and impartiality and that although the newly named have favorable academic profiles for their current branches, they do not have the proper conditions to hold office in the Court.

He said that the ANC has called on the National Assembly to listen to the voice of the people. “The people have spoken and there are no demonstrations in favor of the appointments,” reports La Prensa.

According to the lawyer, “the Executive brings us chaotically to a debate of magistrates of the CSJ”, adding that it has not been broad, nor will it be broad due to the limitations of time  “Two days for people to be heard is not enough … two days to present objections in writing is not a term for a subject as important as the choice of judges,” he said. Participants before The National Assembly Commission of Credentials The participants had ten minutes to present their observations in front of the candidates.


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