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HEALTH WATCH:Contraceptives Alert

The HEALTH  Ministry (MOH)  issued a   warning on Friday, October 16  about the use of contraceptive products, after  an international alert about vaginal rings.

Mario Torrero pharmacovigilance department of the MoH said that the international alert indicates that such products contain the hormone ethinyl estradiol and etenogestrel components related to the formation of clots and thrombi.

“In Panama pharmacies have registered two products with featuring the  vaginal ring device.  It should be noted that the national pharmacovigilance center has received no reports of suspected adverse reaction or thrombosis  related to these products “, said Torrero.

The department  recommended that patients using these devices or those intending to use contraception, consult with medical specialists, about  risk factors like age and cardiovascular disease
“Basically they are advised to take appropriate precautions if they  have risk factors that increase the likelihood of clots forming” said  Torrero.

He added that so far he  has not been given orders to withdraw products from the market.

David Young :