More comfortable  bus ride for 40% less

Longer, more comfortable


OVER 150,000 users of the Metro Bus system on the North and South corridors got to have access to  a  larger and more comfortable bus  for 40% less than the previous price on Thursday November 9.

Julio González, director of the Transit Authority (ATTT), said benefit from the measure, sanctioned by President Varela on Oct,16  was a positive move for Panamanian families.

“It is an important day for public transport users in the Metropolitan area”  said González because of the 40% reduction in the cost of the ticket, from $1.25 and has now been reduced to $0.75.

He said that  203  more comfortable new units with a capacity for 75 passengers, and special adaptations for people with reduced mobility are incorporated into the operations.

He clarified that in 2018, 70 buseton-type units will arrive in addition to carrying out the adaptation of the north and south corridors to reduce the travel time of users who move from the east to the center of the city and vice versa.

On October 16, President Juan Carlos Varela formalized the implementation of the new Urban Mobility Plan for the capital city. It includes  70 new wagons for the Metro, with an investment of $150 million and 273 units of buses to improve the frequency of the metrobus, with an investment of more than $36 million.

The order to proceed with investment lanes in the north and south corridors was made to speed up traffic at peak hours, with an exclusive lane for the metrobus and an investment of $27 millions; It will be operational in April 2018.