Education, corruption worry business leaders

Panama heading for top slot
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AN EIGHT POINTS plunge in Panama’s  ranking by the World Economic Forum has set alarm bells ringing in the  Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

The decline is based on a study measuring 12 pillars, which include the quality of public institutions, infrastructure, health and education of the population.

“Of those great variables, the ones that most affect Panama are higher education and training, health and primary education, as well as work efficiency, “said the Chamber in a statement issued Sunday, October 1.

For members of the Chamber “the most alarming”  is that the analysis of the country’s standing “contrasts with the opinion of the citizens that in surveys reflects that education is not located among  the top five issues of greatest concern…”

“It is widely known that, at present, not only the quality of public education has not been addressed  but private education is going through an unprecedented crisis that aggravates the  problem for the country, “said the Chamber

The statement said that this is the time to change the model of education management and  to implement measurement and evaluations of teachers and schools that support salary compensation. Also the model

requires the implementation of a permanent training program for educators and administrators.

On September 27, Panama was listed among the 50 most competitive economies in the world. world, but lost eight positions compared to 2016 in the Global Economic Outlook Forum  Competitiveness Index

Panamanian executives surveyed by the Forum said that the bureaucracy, corruption and inadequate training of workers are three of the main obstacles to business in the country.

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