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Liters replace gallons at pump as Panama goes metric

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APRIL 30 is the deadline for all gasoline service stations in Panama to complete the switch from gallons to liters.

It is one more step towards the implementation of the International System of Units (SIU) of measures in the country, which began December 19, 2012.

According to Javier Arias, director of the National Metrology Center of Panama (CENAMEP) the oil companies are committed to complying with Law 52 of December 11, 2007, which regulates the metrological activities in Panama.
The changes at gas stations, according to Arias began March 17 after the stations were set daily goals to implement the changes. The target for full integration is April 30.
Tropigas has already made all the necessary changes. Puma service stations have implemented the change by 90%, Chevron has made  94%, Terpel (50 %) and Delta (70%).
Large businesses have also replaced the use of pounds with kilos, as part of the implementation of the SIU. Since last October the five largest supermarket chains in the country (Riba Smith, El Rey, Machetazo, Super Xtra and Super 99) have already switched
Arias said there is still a long way to go in terms of completely implementing the international measurement system, but by 70% of the changes had been made.
For Panama said that to reach 100% integration more education is needed regarding metrology and the importance of it in everyday life, so that businesses modifying their equipment and, follow the letter of the law